September 21, 2023
illustrating trademark class 40 in India

A broad analysis of Trademark Class 40 – Treatment of materials

Trademarks should be managed or registered following the classes, and every trademark class specifies a particular class of goods or services. 

There are 45 classes for goods and services, 34 are for products, and 11 are for the services category. 

Trademark classification is a method through which lawyers and analysts organize documents, according to the range of goods or services. 

The same trademark or service may be classified in various classes.

Trademarks are also categorized into various classes in India. Trademark classification helps in specific and easy work. 

Use the trademark class finder tool to obtain the correct trademark class for your goods or service from over 8000 goods and services.

Intellectual Property Rights law has become the fastest-growing legal field in current years. Without work security, companies or individuals will rarely contribute their time, effort, and money to projects. Hence, strong Intellectual Property Laws and growth in innovation go together.

The field of intellectual property is vast. But it’s essential to have a good understanding of the most popular rights that are given through IP protection. There are three types of intellectual property rights are:


Class 40 covers 

  • essential services not incorporated in other classes, 
  • modification, or the rendering of objects, 
  • custom manufacturing services provided by mechanical or chemical processing.

This Class covers, in particular:

  • Services associating to the alteration of an object or material 
  • Any process including a change in its fundamental properties 
  • Services of substance treatment present during the production of any material 
  • The custom manufacturing of goods specific to others


  • Repair services (Class 37)
  • Certain customization services, for instance, the custom portrait of automobiles (Class 37)

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List of services covered under Trademark Class 40

  • abrasion
  • air purification
  • air deodorizing
  • air freshening
  • rental of air conditioning apparatus
  • applying finishes to textiles
  • blacksmithing
  • Boiler making
  • rental of boilers
  • bookbinding
  • burnishing by abrasion
  • cadmium plating
  • chromium plating
  • cloth edging
  • cloth cutting
  • cloth/fabric waterproofing
  • cloth fireproofing / fabric fireproofing / textile fireproofing
  • cloth dyeing
  • cloth pre-shrinking
  • clothing alteration
  • color separation services
  • crease-resistant treatment for clothing
  • cryopreservation services
  • custom fashioning of fur
  • custom tailoring
  • custom assembling of materials for others
  • decontamination of hazardous materials
  • services of a dental technician
  • destruction of waste and trash
  • dressmaking
  • dyeing services
  • electroplating
  • embroidery services
  • production of energy
  • fabric bleaching
  • flour milling
  • food smoking
  • food and drink preservation
  • framing of works of art
  • freezing of foods
  • fruit crushing
  • fulling of cloth
  • fur conditioning
  • fur mothproofing
  • fur glossing
  • fur staining
  • fur dyeing
  • galvanization
  • rental of generators
  • gilding
  • glass-blowing
  • gold plating
  • grinding
  • incineration of waste and trash
  • key cutting
  • knitting machine rental
  • laminating
  • laser scribing
  • leather staining
  • leatherworking
  • lithographic printing
  • magnetization
  • metal plating
  • metal treating
  • metal tempering
  • metal casting
  • Mill working
  • nickel plating
  • offset printing
  • optical glass grinding
  • paper finishing
  • paper treating
  • pattern printing
  • permanent-press treatment of fabrics
  • photocomposing services
  • photographic film development
  • photographic printing
  • photogravure
  • planing [saw mill]
  • pottery firing
  • printing
  • processing of cinematographic films
  • processing of oil
  • quilting
  • recycling of waste and trash
  • refining services
  • saddlery working
  • sandblasting services
  • sawing [saw mill]
  • shoe staining
  • silkscreen printing
  • silver plating
  • skin dressing
  • slaughtering of animals
  • soldering
  • sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]
  • rental of space heating apparatus
  • stripping finishes
  • tanning
  • taxidermy
  • textile dyeing
  • textile/cloth treating
  • textile mothproofing
  • timber felling and processing
  • tin plating
  • material treatment information
  • upcycling [waste recycling]
  • vulcanization [material treatment]
  • warping [looms]
  • waste treatment [transformation]
  • water treating
  • welding services
  • window tinting treatment
  • woodworking
  • wool treating

Before registering your trademark, you’ll have to look at the trademark database and perform a trademark search in India. 

By exploring trademarks similar to our own, you can prevent difficulties with a violation below the line. If your trademark match one already in the database, you’ll require to file the trademark in another class.

Trademark Registration fees also differ on the basis of the Class system. You must pay a separate registration fee for every class of goods and services that you require to register. 

It is essential to choose the right class at the time of trademark registration. If you register a trademark in the incorrect class, you must start the registration process from the start.


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