September 21, 2023
illustrating class 45 trademark in india

A broad and detailed overview of Trademark Class 45: Legal and Security Services

Trademarks should be administered or registered under the classes, and every class describes a particular class of goods or services. If we regard various goods and services, there are a total of 45 classes out of which 34 classes are for products and 11 are for services category. The classification of class 45 of trademark includes legal services, security services for the security of property and people; personal and social services performed by others towards meeting the requirements of persons. 


  • Services performed through lawyers, legal juniors, and personal advocates, towards persons, groups of people, corporations, and businesses;
  • Research as well as surveillance services connecting to the security of individuals and organizations;
  • Services extended to people related to social events, like social escort services,  funeral services, matrimonial agencies.

Trademark Filing can be done online quickly. One can begin using a “TM” symbol as quickly as the application is prepared. You can perform the trademark status search also online. It includes various processes for verifying the original owner of the mark. Trademark registrations are unique to the goods or services they signify. The registrations are product/service-specific and are offered under a “Class” of goods or services it represents. The trademark registration will hence be true for the complete class of goods or services it describes. The government fees for trademark registration are Rs.9000 per application per class for the company. The trademark registration fee decided by the government is Rs.4500 per application per class for an individual.


Class 45 trademark India is one of the most common trademark classes for new applications. That implies your trademark may face competition or tighter examination. Other common classes involve:

  • Services relating to financial or monetary affairs, and insurance (Class 36)
  • Escorting travelers (Class 39)
  • Security transport (Class 39)
  • Educational services (Class 41)
  • Performances, such as singers and dancers (Class 41)
  • Computer programming services that provide software (Class 42)
  • Computer and internet security discussions and encryption services (Class 42)
  • Services presented by others related to the medical, hygienic, or beauty care of humans and animals (Class 44)

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List of services covered under Trademark Class 45 India

  • adoption agency services
  • alternative dispute resolution services
  • arbitration services
  • babysitting
  • baggage inspection for security purposes
  • chaperoning/escorting in society 
  • clothing rental
  • copyright management
  • crematorium services
  • dating services
  • detective agencies
  • embalming services
  • evening dress rental
  • rental of fire alarms
  • rental of fire extinguishers
  • fire-fighting
  • funerals
  • funerary undertaking
  • genealogical research
  • guard services
  • horoscope casting
  • house sitting
  • inspection of factories for safety purposes
  • intellectual-property consultancy
  • legal research
  • legal document preparation services
  • legal administration of licenses
  • licensing of intellectual property
  • licensing of computer software 
  • on-line social networking services
  • litigation services
  • lost property return
  • marriage agencies
  • mediation
  • missing person investigations
  • monitoring of burglar and security alarms
  • Controlling intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes
  • night guard services
  • opening of security locks
  • organization of religious meetings
  • personal bodyguarding
  • personal background investigations
  • pet sitting
  • planning and arranging wedding ceremonies
  • registration of domain names 
  • releasing doves for special occasions
  • rental of safes
  • security consultancy
  • tracking of stolen property

It takes plenty of hard work and resources to create a brand. Hence, It is important to ensure that you have exclusive ownership to use the logo, shape, slogan, and packaging of goods, smell, sound, color combinations, or anything else that provides your brand a unique identity by brand registration. Trademarks should be registered under the classes and each class distinguishes a particular class of goods or services. It plays an essential role in promoting goods and provides knowledge about the quality of the product. It allows an enterprise to acquire special rights to utilize, distribute, or assign a mark. A Trademark preserves your brand and gives you the tools to stop someone from riding on the back of your business. Trademark is proficient in distinguishing the goods or services of an individual from those of others and incorporates their packaging, the shape of goods, and a combination of colors.

Before applying for your trademark registration, you’ll have to take a peek at the trademark database and perform a trademark search in India. By searching for trademarks similar to our own, you can prevent problems with infringement below the line. If you aren’t convinced whether your trademark will violate one already in the database, you’ll need to talk to your lawyer or file under a different class.


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