September 21, 2023
Hotels & Restaurant Trademark Registration trademark class 43

A broad overview of Trademark Class 43: Hotels And Restaurants

Trademarks should be maintained or registered under the classes, and every trademark class specifies a particular class of goods or services. 

A trademark classification is a method through which lawyers and analysts organize documents, according to the range of goods or services. 

Trademarks are also classified into multiple classes in India. Trademark classification helps in specific and easy work. 

You can utilize the trademark class finder tool to obtain the right trademark class for your goods or service from above 8000 goods and services.

What is trademark class 43?

By petitioning for a trademark, you are demanding the exclusive right to use that mark when marketing your goods or services.

If someone violates your intellectual property, a registered trademark is much simpler to protect in court. This is particularly true for imported goods. Names, logos, slogans, and other forms of branding can all be trademarked in this form.

Nonetheless, you can only take action against marks that violate your claim in a certain class.

For instance, let’s say you register the trade name “Easy-Hut” for your hotel company. This implies you’re registered in Class 43 and increase protections in that class.

Though, if, for some reason, someone began an advertising business with the same name, they have the power to use the name when selling their advertising services.

This is because they have protections under another class, and consumers are less likely to combine the two businesses up as they do drastically distinct things.

If your business’s goods or services come into many trademark classes, you should register your trademark in more than one class in order to obtain broader protection.

Remember, though, that you require to use the mark in commerce. You can’t register your brand in all 45 classes and assume to receive protections.

Nonetheless, many thriving businesses file under multiple trademark classes. Consider whether doing so is the correct move for your business.

Trademark Class 43 includes mainly

  • Accommodation Amenities and Services by Hotels and Boarding Houses
  • Food and Drink Services to People
  • Catering Services for Events and Functions
  • Facilities for Events and Functions, etc.
  • Reservation Services in Hotels for Tourists
  • Rental of Furniture, and diverse Table Settings and Decorations
  • Nurseries, Day-care and Elderly Care Facilities


Class 43 trademark India is one of the common trademark classes for new applications. That suggests your trademark may encounter competition or tighter analysis. Other common classes include:

  • Rental services for real estate 
  • Arranging travel by tourist agencies
  • Preservation services for food and drink
  • Discotheque services
  • Boarding schools
  • Rest and convalescent homes

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Related or Coordinated Classes

If the applicant is not sure whether to register in Class 43, the following ‘coordinated’ classes for trademark registration may be considered: 

List of services covered under Trademark Class 43 

  • accommodation bureaux [hotels, boarding houses]
  • bar services
  • boarding for animals
  • boarding house bookings
  • boarding houses
  • cafés
  • cafeterias
  • providing campground facilities
  • canteens
  • rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware
  • rental of cooking apparatus
  • day-nurseries [crèches]
  • rental of drinking water dispensers
  • food sculpting
  • food and drink catering
  • holiday camp services [lodging]
  • hotel reservations
  • hotels
  • rental of lighting apparatus*
  • rental of meeting rooms
  • motels
  • restaurants
  • retirement homes
  • self-service restaurants
  • snack-bars
  • temporary accommodation reservations
  • rental of temporary accommodation
  • rental of tents
  • tourist homes
  • rental of transportable buildings*

Avoid These 7 Trademark Mistakes

A company puts a lot of time into creating its brand. Everything from the name to the packaging is preserved under trademark law. Here are seven common trademark mistakes to avoid during the trademark registration process.

Searching For Similar Trademarks

Trademark law works on a priority basis, the company that uses the trademark first owns it and prioritizes later users. Failing to conduct a precise search can lead to serious results later if the trademark is already in use.

Choosing the Wrong Trademark Class

A company must define, in detail, the products or services its trademark will apply to on the trademark application. Your trademark will only apply to certain products or services (seldom referred to as trademark classes).

For instance, if you’re selling t-shirts, you can’t register your t-shirt logo below the car repair class. That example is pretty understandable, but picking the correct class can become complex.

Before registering your trademark, you’ll have to look at the trademark database and perform a tm search in India. 

By exploring trademarks similar to our own, you can prevent complications with a violation below the line. If your trademark match one previously in the database, you’ll need to file the trademark in another class.

Trademark Registration fees also vary on the basis of the Class system. You must pay a separate registration fee for each class of goods and services that you need to register. 

It is essential to choose the right class at the time of registering a trademark application. If you register a trademark in an inaccurate class, you must begin the registration process from the start.


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