September 21, 2023
illustrating class 42 of trademark

A Comprehensive Guide to Trademark Class 42: Scientific and Technological services

Products and services are distinguished by according to particular categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be applied or registered below such specific class or classes as may be applicable. Trademark Class 42 concerns Scientific and technological services and research and design-related, Design and development of computer hardware and software and Industrial analysis and research services,

The main purpose of the trademark class list is to develop a perfect hierarchy of which trademark is being managed below which category. While following this strategy; it will be easy for the governing bodies to manage the trademark classes list at the domestic and international levels.

Trademark Class 42 Nice Classification List consisting of All Goods 

  • IT services, monitoring of computer operations by remote access, computer system design, computer system analysis.
  • Software development, computer programming, programming, and implementation, computer software design, updating of computer software, creating and maintaining web sites for others, computer software consultancy, installation of computer software, maintenance of computer software.
  • Computer hardware development, a consultancy in the development and design of computer hardware.
  • Hosting services and software as a service and rental of software, providing search engines for the internet,  hosting computer sites [web sites], server hosting, rental of computer software, rental of web servers, software as a service [SaaS].
  • Rental of computer hardware and facilities, computer rental.
  • IT consultancy, information technology [IT] consulting services.
  • IT security, computer virus protection services, restoration, recovery of computer data.
  • Data duplication and conversion services, conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media, data coding services, digitization of documents [scanning], data conversion of computer programs and data [not physical conversion], duplication of computer programs.
  • Science and technology services, calibration [measuring], a consultancy in the field of energy-saving, scientific research, water analysis, construction drafting, energy auditing, cosmetic research, scientific laboratory services, quality evaluation of wool, technical research, handwriting analysis [graphology], mechanical research, technical project studies, quality evaluation of standing timber/quality valuation of standing timber, research and development of new products for others.
  • Medical and pharmacological research services, clinical trials.
  • Engineering services, engineering.
  • Surveying and exploration, geological research, analysis for oil-field exploitation, geological prospecting, land surveying/land surveys, geological surveys, oil prospecting, oil-field surveys, oil-well testing, surveying, underwater exploration.
  • Architectural and urban planning services, architecture, urban planning, architectural consultation.
  • Natural science services, biological research, bacteriological research,  chemistry services, chemical research, chemical analysis, physics [research].
  • Earth science services, provision of scientific information, cloud seeding,  research in the field of environmental protection, advice and consultancy in relation to carbon offsetting, weather forecasting/meteorological information.
  • Testing, authentication, and quality control, material testing, authenticating works of art, quality control, vehicle roadworthiness testing, textile testing.
  • Design services, dress designing, design of interior decor, graphic arts design, packaging design/packaging design services, industrial design, styling [industrial design], web site design consultancy.

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Services NOT classified under Class 42 of trademark:

Although Class 42 is extensive, there are however a few things it doesn’t cover.

While the following services all relate to science and technology, they usually fall below other trademark classes.

  • Some kinds of market research are Class 35 services. Keep in mind, though, that product development is usually a Class 42 service.
  • Moreover, word processing services are generally considered Class 35 services. Nonetheless, word processing services with powerful data processing or storage components should consider filing below both Class 35 and Class 42.
  • Technology repair services, including computer repair, normally fall under trademark Class 37.
  • Resource processing or extraction services (such as mining or oil drilling) also come under Class 37.
  • Medical or veterinary treatment services are Class 44 services always.

Before you actually apply for your trademark registration, you’ll require to take a look at the trademark database.

By exploring trademarks similar to our own, you can prevent problems with infringement below the line.

It’s also common to employ an attorney to carry out a more comprehensive search. In the event the attorney discovers a confusingly related trademark, he or she can help you with how best to proceed.


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