September 21, 2023

A detailed guide to Trademark Class 35: Business Services and Advertising

The classification in Trademark Class 35 assists in operation or management of commercial business dealings, or business undertaking or business functions of an industrial or business organization, along with services provided by means of promoting advertisement foundations fundamentally attempted offering communications towards the public, declarations or announcements by all ways for diffusion as well as regarding a wide variety of goods or services. Trademarks should be implemented or registered under the classes and each class distinguishes a particular class of goods or services. 

Trademark Class 35 Nice Classification List consisting of All Goods 


Almost anything associated with advertising is a Class 35 trademark. This involves PR firms, ad publishing, ad design, marketing services, ad distribution, and pretty much any service meant to promote a product or business.

If your business publishes advertisements, you might regard registering your trademarks below Class 41 (Education and Entertainment) as well. Market research organizations might also qualify for Class 42 (Computer and Scientific) trademarks.

Human Resources

Intellectual Properties relating to HR firms are almost always Class 35 trademarks. This involves everything from recruitment websites to payroll services.

Data Processing, Bookkeeping, and Clerical Services

™ Class 35 also includes companies that audit accounts, process data, and directly handle information for payment. 

If your company produces software to do this, that software could be a Class 9 product instead. Keep in mind, Class 35 only applies to services, not products.

Office Services and Supplies

Certain wholesaling services are categorized as Class 35 services instead of products.

Primarily, if there’s nothing distinguishing about your wholesale product (medical supplies, for example), your business is presumably a Class 35 service.

Business Assistance

Any type of advising, construction, consulting, relocation, or telephone answering service can be a Class 35 if your only consumers are businesses.

Trademark Class 35 description implies that any service given that directly assists in the management or administration of the advertising and business industry comes beneath Class 35. It is one of the most common trademark classes for new applications. That means your trademark may face competition or tighter analysis. Other common classes include:

  • Class 9 (Electrical and Scientific Apparatus): This involves computer software and electronics.
  • Class 25 (Clothing): This involves footwear, clothing, and headgear.
  • Class 41 (Education and Entertainment): This involves teaching, publishing, and entertainment services.
  • Class 42 (Computer and Scientific): This involves scientific, technology, and research services.

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•    Services, for instance, evaluations and reports of engineers that don’t directly imply to the functioning or the management of undertakings in a business or industrial unit.

It’s common for intellectual property owners to appeal for a Class 35 trademark when they really require another class.

In general, this type of mistake occurs for one of two reasons:

It Infringes on Existing Trademarks

Before you actually apply for your trademark registration, you’ll require to take a look at the trademark database.

By exploring trademarks similar to our own, you can prevent problems with infringement below the line. If you aren’t convinced whether your trademark will violate one already in the database, you’ll need to talk to your lawyer or file under a different class.

It’s also common to hire an attorney to conduct a more comprehensive search. In the event the attorney finds a confusingly related trademark, he or she can help you with how best to proceed.

Using Intellectual Properties Relating to Goods

You can only register an intellectual property associating to service as a Class 35 trademark.

For example, if your company manufactures software to help maintain businesses, payroll, and the like, you may require to file under a various trademark class.

The same applies to companies that create brand-specific clothing or different consumer goods. The fact that you build your product on-demand is not enough to place it in the “service” category.


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