September 21, 2023
demonstrating class 41 of trademark

Everything you should know about Trademark Class 41: Education, Training, and Entertainment

What is class 41 trademark?

Class 41 involves services for education, training, tutoring, entertainment, and several sporting and cultural activities. Class 41 includes mainly services provided by persons or institutions to educate persons or train animals, as well as services meant to entertain. Trademark Class 41 covers, in particular:

  • services consisting of all sorts of education of persons or training of animals
  • services possessing the basic purpose of the amusement, entertainment, or recreation of people
  • presentation of works of visual art or literature to the society for cultural or educational purposes, and
  • chemical products used in science, industry, and agriculture, including those that go to the building of products belonging to other classes.

Today, we are living in the digital era and several people are learning and acquiring knowledge through the internet and digital technology. This new theory of learning and using copyrighted materials for educational organizations are well protected if reproduction is done during the course of instructions and for non-commercial purposes only. Thus Trademark class 41 is also a kind of copyright for educational purposes.


Class 41 is one of the most famous trademark classes for new applications. That means your trademark application may encounter competition or tighter examination. Other common classes involve:

  • Class 9 (Electrical and Scientific Apparatus): This involves computer software and electronics.
  • Class 25 (Clothing): This involves clothing, footwear, and headgear.
  • Class 35: (Advertising and Business Services): This involves advertising, business administration, and office functions
  • Class 42 (Computer and Scientific): This involves technology, scientific, and research services.

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List of services classified under Trademark Class 41 India

  • academies [education]
  • amusement parks
  • providing amusement arcade services
  • animal training
  • rental of audio equipment
  • arranging of beauty contests
  • boarding schools
  • booking of seats for shows
  • calligraphy services
  • providing casino facilities [gambling]
  • rental of cine-films 
  • cinema presentations
  • circuses
  • club services [entertainment or education]
  • coaching [training]
  • arranging and handling colloquiums
  • arranging and handling concerts
  • arranging and handling conferences
  • arranging and handling congresses
  • correspondence courses
  • disc jockey services
  • discotheque services
  • dubbing
  • education information
  • educational examination
  • electronic desktop publishing
  • entertainer services
  • entertainment / amusements
  • entertainment information
  • film production, other than advertising films
  • conducting fitness classes
  • gambling
  • game services are given on-line from a computer network
  • games equipment rental
  • providing golf facilities
  • gymnastic instruction
  • health club services
  • holiday camp services [entertainment]
  • providing karaoke services
  • language interpreter services
  • layout services
  • lending libraries
  • rental of lighting equipment for theatrical sets or television studios
  • Implementing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable
  • Procuring on-line music, not downloadable
  • Rendering online videos, not downloadable
  • microfilming
  • mobile library services
  • modeling for artists
  • rental of movie projectors and accessories
  • movie studios
  • providing museum facilities 
  • music composition services
  • production of music
  • music-halls
  • news reporters services
  • night clubs
  • nursery schools
  • operating lotteries
  • orchestra services
  • organization of competitions [education or entertainment]
  • organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes
  • organization of sports competitions
  • organization of balls
  • organization of shows [impresario services]
  • organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes
  • party planning [entertainment]
  • personal trainer services [fitness training]
  • photographic reporting
  • photography
  • physical education
  • practical training [demonstration]
  • presentation of live performances
  • publication of texts, other than publicity texts
  • publication of books
  • publication of electronic books and journals online
  • radio entertainment
  • rental of radio and television sets
  • production of radio and television programs
  • recording studio services
  • providing recreation facilities
  • recreation information
  • religious education
  • services of schools [education]
  • scriptwriting services
  • arranging and handling seminars
  • rental of show scenery
  • production of shows
  • sign language interpretation
  • rental of skin diving equipment
  • rental of sound recordings
  • sport camp services
  • providing sports facilities
  • rental of sports equipment, except vehicles
  • rental of sports grounds
  • rental of stadium facilities
  • rental of stage scenery
  • subtitling
  • arranging and conducting symposiums
  • teaching/ instruction services / educational services television entertainment
  • rental of tennis courts
  • theatre productions
  • ticket agency services [entertainment]
  • timing of sports events
  • toy rental
  • translation
  • tutoring
  • rental of video cassette recorders
  • rental of video cameras 
  • videotape editing
  • rental of videotapes
  • videotaping
  • vocational guidance [education or training advice]
  • vocational retraining
  • arranging and conducting workshops [training]
  • writing of texts, other than publicity texts
  • zoological garden services

It takes plenty of hard work and resources to create a brand. Hence, It is important to ensure that you have exclusive ownership to use the logo, shape, slogan, and packaging of goods, smell, sound, color combinations, or anything else that provides your brand a unique identity by brand registration. Trademarks should be registered under the classes and each class distinguishes a particular class of goods or services. It plays an essential role in promoting goods and provides knowledge about the quality of the product. It allows an enterprise to acquire special rights to utilize, distribute, or assign a mark. A Trademark preserves your brand and gives you the tools to stop someone from riding on the back of your business. Trademark is proficient in defining the goods or services of one person from those of others and involves the shape of goods, their packaging, and a combination of colors.

Before applying for your trademark registration online, you’ll have to take a peek at the trademark database.

By searching for trademarks similar to our own, you can prevent problems with infringement below the line. If you aren’t convinced whether your trademark will violate one already in the database, you’ll need to talk to your lawyer or file under a different class.


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