September 21, 2023
trademark class 31 Fresh Fruits, Grains, Vegetables

Trademark Class 31: Fresh Fruits, Grains, Vegetables

Trademark registration online in India forms an elusive asset.

Registering a trademark sets the face of the company or the goods and services. This helps to establish and promote brand creation. 

Most of the companies define their identity via trademark hence it plays a significant role in advertising. 

Registered TM can be sold, distributed, franchised, or commercially contracted to bring profits to the company or the individual proprietor. 

Trademark Class 31 India is one of the 45 distinguished and characteristic classes of trademarks and service marks present in the globally acknowledged trademark classification list.

All various trademarks used in the businesses of natural agricultural products and grains are incorporated in the trademark class 31, for the prospects of registration and protection in countries worldwide. Generically, the following goods, products, and substances are related to the trademarks in this particular class 31:

  • Diverse Grains and Raw Cereals
  • Agricultural, Forestry, and Horticultural Products
  • Natural and Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
  • Seeds and Seedlings
  • Various Natural Plants, Trees, and Flowers
  • Living Animals, and Organisms for Breeding
  • Fodder and Foodstuffs for Animals
  • Malts and Unprocessed Cereals
  • Raw Wood
  • Fertilized Eggs for Hatching
  • Plant Residues
  • Fungi and Mushrooms


The following goods must NOT be listed below Class 31:

  • Farmings of micro-organisms and leeches for medical purposes (Class 5 – Pharmaceuticals)
  • dietary supplements for animals (Class 5 – Pharmaceuticals)
  • semi-worked woods (Class 19 – Building Materials)
  • artificial fishing bribe(Class 28 – Games and Sporting Goods)
  • rice (Class 30 – Coffee, Flour, Rice), or
  • tobacco (Class 34 – Tobacco Products).

Related or Coordinated Classes

If you are not sure whether Class 31 of trademark is the most suitable one to register in, you might also examine the following “coordinated” classes: 

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List of services covered under class 31 trademark 

  • algae for human or animal consumption
  • algarovilla for animal consumption
  • almonds [fruits]
  • aloe vera plants
  • animal foodstuffs
  • animal fattening preparations 
  • products for animal litter
  • live animals
  • aromatic sand for pets [litter]
  • artichokes, fresh
  • bagasse of cane [raw material]
  • raw barks
  • barley*
  • beans, fresh
  • beet, fresh
  • berries, fresh fruits
  • beverages for pets
  • bird food
  • bran
  • bran mash for animal consumption
  • bred stock
  • cereal seeds, unprocessed
  • chestnuts, fresh
  • edible chews for animals
  • chicory roots
  • chicory, fresh
  • Christmas trees*
  • citrus fruit, fresh
  • cocoa beans, raw
  • coconut shell
  • coconuts
  • copra
  • crayfish, live
  • crustaceans, live
  • cucumbers, fresh
  • cuttlebone for birds
  • distillery waste for animal consumption
  • dog biscuits
  • draff
  • preparations for egg-laying poultry
  • eggs for hatching, fertilized
  • fish spawn
  • fish, live
  • fish meal for animal consumption
  • fishing bait, live
  • flax meal [fodder]
  • flower bulbs/bulbs
  • flowers, natural
  • flowers, dried, for decoration
  • fodder / cattle food / forage
  • fruit, fresh
  • fruit residue [marc] / marc
  • garden herbs, fresh
  • garlic, fresh
  • grains [cereals]
  • grains for animal consumption
  • grapes, fresh
  • groats for poultry
  • hay
  • hazelnuts
  • herrings, live
  • hop cones
  • hops
  • juniper berries
  • kola nuts / cola nuts
  • leeks, fresh
  • lemons, fresh
  • lentils, fresh
  • lettuce, fresh
  • lime for animal forage
  • linseed /flaxseed for animal consumption
  • linseed meal/flaxseed meal for animal consumption
  • litter peat
  • lobsters, live
  • locust beans, raw
  • maize
  • maize cake for cattle
  • malt for brewing and distilling
  • mash for fattening livestock
  • meal for animals
  • menagerie animals
  • mushroom spawn for propagation
  • mushrooms, fresh
  • mussels, live
  • nettles
  • nuts [fruits]
  • oats
  • oil cake/cattle cake
  • olives, fresh
  • onions, fresh vegetables
  • oranges, fresh
  • oysters, live
  • palm trees
  • palms [leaves of the palm tree]
  • peanut meal for animals
  • peanut cake for animals
  • peanuts, fresh
  • peas, fresh
  • peppers [plants]
  • pet food
  • pine cones
  • plants
  • plants, dried, for decoration
  • pollen [raw material]
  • potatoes, fresh
  • poultry, live
  • by-products of the processing of cereals / residual products of cereals for animal consumption
  • rape cake for cattle
  • residue in a still after distillation
  • rhubarb, fresh
  • rice meal for forage
  • rice, unprocessed
  • roots for food
  • rose bushes
  • rough cork
  • rye
  • salmon, live
  • salt for cattle
  • sanded paper for pets [litter]
  • sardines, live
  • sea-cucumbers, live
  • seed germ for botanical purposes
  • seedlings
  • seeds for planting/plant seeds
  • edible sesame, unprocessed
  • shellfish, live
  • shrubs/bushes
  • silkworm eggs
  • silkworms
  • spinach, fresh
  • spiny lobsters, live
  • squashes, fresh / marrows, fresh
  • stall food for animals
  • straw mulch
  • straw litter
  • straw [forage]
  • strengthening animal forage
  • sugarcane
  • trees
  • truffles, fresh
  • trunks of trees
  • tuna, live
  • turf, natural / sod
  • undressed timber
  • unsawn timber
  • vegetables, fresh
  • vine plants
  • wheat
  • wheat germ for animal consumption
  • wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp
  • wreaths of natural flowers
  • yeast for animal consumption

Intellectual property rights are the powers provided to persons protecting the creations of their minds. They usually present the creator an exclusive right above the use of his/her creation for a precise period of time

Trademark class search is very vital before filing the application as registering a trademark or name under a particular class grants protection under that class only. If a trademark is employed for goods and services below various classes, separate applications are required to be listed below each class to get the protection of the trademark for the corresponding goods and services. 

If your business’s goods or services come under multiple trademark classes, you should enroll your trademark in more than one class.

Remember, though, that you need to use the mark in commerce. You can’t list your brand in all 45 classes in the trademark class list and presume to receive protections.

Nonetheless, many flourishing businesses file under various trademark classes. Consider whether doing so is a proper move for your business.

It needs loads of hard work and resources to establish a brand. Hence, It is vital to ensure that you have the sole right to use the logo that represents your brand. 

Trademarks should be registered below the classes, and each class defines a specific class of goods or services. It performs a fundamental role in selling goods and gives knowledge about the characteristic of the product. It provides an enterprise to receive special rights to utilize, distribute, or assign a mark. 

Before proceeding to the trademark registration process, you’ll have to take a peek at the trademark database and conduct a trademark search in India. 

By investigating trademarks similar to our own, you can limit complications with a violation beneath the line. If your trademark match one previously in the database, you’ll have to list the trademark in another class.


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