September 21, 2023
trademark registration class 37 in India

Trademark Class 37: Construction and Repairing Services

Registering a trademark forms the face of the company or the goods and services. This helps to define and promote brand creation. 

Most of the companies determine their identity via trademark hence it plays an important role in advertising. 

Trademark registration online in India forms an intangible asset.

 Registered TM can be sold, distributed, franchised, or commercially contracted to bring advantages to the company or the individual proprietor. 

All the goods and services are classified into various trademark class. It is an orderly organization of documents according to the kind and the description of the services and goods.

Trademark classification performs a vital role in classifying classes in almost all countries. There are several classes for products and services.

Trademarks should be managed or registered under the following classes. Every tm class list specifies a particular class of goods or services. 

A trademark classification is a system through which lawyers and analysts organize documents, such as trademark and service mark applications. There are 45 classes for goods and services, 34 are for products, and the rest are for the services category. 

Products and services are Organized by according to particular trademark categories (also called Classes). Trademarks have to be implemented or registered under such a particular class or classes as may be applicable.

Trademarks are also categorized into many classes in India. Trademark classification helps in specific and easy work. 

Utilize the trademark class finder tool to get the correct trademark class for your goods or service.

Class 37 of trademark covers mainly 

  • services implemented by contractors or subcontractors in the improvement or construction of permanent buildings, and 
  • services provided by persons or organizations involved in the repair of objects to their initial condition.

Services that are classified under Class 37 trademark India

  • services relating to the construction of buildings, dams, roads, bridges, or transmission lines 
  • services of undertakings practicing  in the field of construction;
  • services subordinate to construction services like examinations of construction plans;
  • services of shipbuilding;
  • services consisting of leasing of tools or building materials;
  • repair services, i.e., services which offer to put any object into good shape after wear, deterioration, damage, or partial destruction;
  • Several repair services such as those in the fields of furniture, instruments, etc.;
  • services of maintenance for conserving an object in its original condition without modifying any of its properties ;


Class 37 trademark India is one of the standard trademark classes for new applications. That suggests your trademark may encounter opposition or tighter examination. Other common classes include:

  • Services related to the storage of clothes or vehicles.
  • Services related to the dyeing of clothes.

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Related or Coordinated Classes

If the applicant is not sure whether to register in Class 37.

You can check the class list of trademark and consider the following ‘coordinated’ classes: 

List of services covered under Trademark Class 37

  • air conditioning apparatus installation and repair
  • airplane maintenance and repair
  • anti-rust treatment for vehicles
  • artificial snow-making services
  • asphalting
  • boiler cleaning and repair
  • bricklaying
  • building construction supervision
  • building sealing / damp-proofing [building]
  • building insulating
  • The building of fair stalls and shops
  • rental of bulldozers
  • burglar alarm installation and repair
  • burner maintenance and repair
  • car wash/motor vehicle wash
  • carpentry services
  • chimney sweeping
  • cleaning of buildings [interior]
  • cleaning of clothing
  • rental of cleaning machines
  • cleaning of buildings [exterior surface]
  • clock and watch repair
  • clothing repair
  • rental of construction equipment
  • construction*
  • construction information
  • construction consultation
  • rental of cranes [construction equipment]
  • demolition of buildings
  • diaper cleaning
  • disinfecting
  • rental of drainage pumps
  • drilling of wells
  • drilling of deep oil or gas-wells
  • dry cleaning
  • electric appliance installation and repair
  • elevator installation and repair/lift installation and repair
  • rental of excavators
  • factory construction
  • film projector repair and maintenance
  • fire alarm installation and repair
  • freezing equipment installation and repair
  • fur care, cleaning, and repair
  • furnace installation and repair
  • furniture maintenance
  • furniture restoration
  • harbor construction
  • heating equipment installation and repair
  • installation, maintenance, and repair of computer hardware
  • installation of doors and windows
  • interference suppression in electrical apparatus
  • irrigation devices installation and repair
  • kitchen equipment installation
  • knife sharpening
  • laundering
  • rental of laundry washing machines
  • leather care, cleaning, and repair
  • linen ironing
  • machinery installation, maintenance, and repair
  • masonry
  • mending clothing
  • mining extraction
  • motor vehicle maintenance and repair
  • office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair
  • painting or repair of signs
  • painting, interior, and exterior
  • paper hanging / wallpapering
  • parasol repair
  • photographic apparatus repair
  • pier breakwater building
  • pipeline construction and maintenance
  • plastering
  • plumbing
  • pressing of clothing
  • pumicing
  • pump repair
  • quarrying services
  • rat exterminating
  • re-tinning
  • rebuilding engines that have been worn
  • rebuilding machines that have been worn
  • refilling of toner cartridges
  • renovation of clothing
  • repair information
  • repair of security locks
  • repair of power lines
  • restoration of works of art
  • restoration of musical instruments
  • retreading of tires [tyres] 
  • riveting
  • road paving
  • rental of road sweeping machines
  • roofing services
  • rustproofing
  • safe maintenance and repair
  • sanding
  • scaffolding
  • shipbuilding
  • shoe repair
  • street cleaning
  • strong-room maintenance and repair
  • swimming-pool maintenance
  • telephone installation and repair
  • tyre balancing 
  • umbrella repair
  • underwater construction
  • underwater repair
  • upholstering
  • upholstery repair
  • varnishing
  • vehicle lubrication [greasing]
  • vehicle wash
  • vehicle polishing
  • vehicle service stations 
  • vehicle maintenance
  • vehicle cleaning
  • vehicle breakdown assistance [repair]
  • vehicle battery charging
  • vermin exterminating, other than for agriculture
  • vulcanization of tires 
  • warehouse construction and repair
  • washing of linen
  • washing
  • window cleaning

Intellectual Property Law has become the fastest-growing legal field in recent years. Without work security, companies or individuals will seldom provide their time, effort, and money to projects. Hence, strong Intellectual Property Laws and growth in innovation go collectively.

The field of intellectual property is broad. But it’s vital to have a good understanding of the most popular rights that are given through IP protection. There are 3 types of intellectual property rights are:


A trademark’s registered owner has the power to create, establish, and preserve the goodwill of his/her products or services. The owner can hold other traders from practicing his trademark unlawfully. One can also accuse the infringer of dilution of the brand name and demand damages for any infringement.

Before registering your trademark, you should take a look at the trademark database and conduct a trademark registration search in India. 

By performing a trademark search, you can prevent problems with a breach below the line. If your trademark matches with the one already in the database, you’ll require to file the trademark in another class.

Trademark Registration fees also differ on the basis of the Class system. For every class of goods and services, you will be required to pay a registration fee.

For instance, if you are going to register a trademark for posters in Class 16 and shirts for Class 25. You should pay two separate fees. It is essential to choose the right class at the time of e filing a trademark. If you register a trademark in the incorrect class, you must start the registration process from the start.


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